"It was in my darkest hours of feeling alone, ashamed, and without hope the Lord my God met me where I was at and gave me peace from my traumas.  I understood in that moment I had a lot of work to do in my life to produce forgiveness, healing, and strength to leave behind the old mess and walk into my new life with Christ.  I was not alone and God's light shone upon the darkness."

About the Founder

Janene KB Mills has lived a life that was masked by dealing with a mental health challenge at an early age, but not properly diagnosed until adulthood.  From all the obstacles she had to go through along the way, the one thing she wanted to do is help others feel and understand they are not ever alone in the world because God is ever present in their lives.  Mrs. Mills is quoted that I am not a closet Christian, but openly admits her love for the Lord and the principles of scripture.  She believes in encouraging others and praying for individuals, groups, and communities.  She blogs frequently on YouTube using examples from her own life on how she has been able to come out of hardship, go through hardship or learning on a deeper level the revelation of scripture.  She loves all to join the Symphony Reads Family and become apart of the encouraging inspiring movement.